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Date: TBA
Venue: TBA
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Coaching Accreditation Information:

By the end of this course, the Development Coach will be able to:
• Demonstrate effective coaching communication strategies
• Demonstrate effective group management strategies
• Review the first five steps of the seven steps of skill
• Apply the steps of skill progression within a practical
• Understand, safely teach, and apply the principles of the
Netball Australia KNEE Program
• Safely teach, identify, and correct technique faults in netball
– ball handling skills
– movement and footwork skills
– attacking skills
– defending skills
– goal shooting / circle defence skills
• Create and progress appropriate skills sessions into dynamic
• Create and evaluate simple Game Day team goals and
• Apply the techniques of basic netball skills into relevant court
• Apply the principles of positional and team play into basic
court strategy
• Employ four of the self-reflection methods to evaluate and
improve the quality of coach
• management, teaching and communication (Player feedback,
peer feedback, self-awareness, video analysis, and mentor
Coach Developer)
• Review coach education pathways and update opportunities


Date: TBA
Venue: TBA
Time: TBA

Coaching Accreditation Information:

  • Analyse the intermediate skills of Netball
  • Identify preferred teaching methods and coaching styles to
    develop the intermediate skills of Netball
  • Demonstrate effective communication strategies
  • Identify the coaching points relating to the identified skill
    and detect the common faults
  • Plan, organise, conduct and control a skills session
  • Demonstrate an awareness of safety in terms of equipment
    and players
  • Demonstrate the concept of sequential skill progression
  • Demonstrate the concepts behind the detection and
    correction of faults
  • Describe when to use a coachable moment
  • Provide appropriate and relevant feedback during practical
  • Understand the role of the mentor coach and establish
    practical strategies to enhance individual coaching.



Date: TBA
Venue: Mackay Netball Association, 7 Leisure St South Mackay

Coaching Accreditation Information:

• Identify the roles and responsibilities of the coach
• Understand the coaching implications of the Netball Australia Codes of Behaviour
• Understand the social development considerations for why children play sport
• Identify and implement good coaching practices to reduce risk
• Implement minor incident-management procedures
• Keep accurate records regarding medical history and injury reporting
• Cater for the physical and social development of participants
• Understand the role of NetSetGO and its place in the player development pathway
• Understand the benefits of using a game sense approach to teach game concepts and develop long term learning
• Understand the importance of effective group management skills to maximise opportunities for successful participation
• Identify the elements of a training session
• Understand the planning and review process
• Utilise effective communication techniques to develop player understanding of the basic skills of netball
• Understand how to safely teach the basic skills of netball
• Identify skill faults and correct technique for the basic skills of netball
• Understand the coaching implications of the basic rules of netball

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