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About Mackay Netball Association

Established in 1972, Mackay Netball is the largest provider of sport for women, girls and boys in the Mackay and surrounding districts. Mackay Netball offers competition for players from the very young through to the young at heart and caters for the beginner to the elite athlete.

Mackay Netball also offers development programs and accredited courses for players, coaches and umpires and provides a representative pathway for athletes and officials aspiring to represent at Association, Regional, State and National levels.

Mackay Netball courts are situated in Casey Avenue, South Mackay.

Mackay Netball’s Clubs hold their sign-on days late January and early February. Please contact the association on 0418 406 122, email secretary@mackaynetball.com or visit our website www.mackaynetball.com for further information.

Mackay Netball is proudly associated with Netball Queensland.

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Our vision

To provide netball as an enjoyable, affordable team sport for the Mackay community in a fun, fair and safe environment.

About Netball

Netball is a fast, skilful team game based on running, jumping, throwing and catching. Teams may include up to 12 players but only 7 may take the court at any one time.

Each player has a playing position determined by the areas on the court where they may move. The playing positions are shown by identification letters worn above the waist, on both the front and the back of the player. Those positions are GS, GA, WA, C, WD, GD and GK.

The major aim of the game is to score as many goals as is possible from within an area called the Goal Circle, which is a semi-circle centred on the goal line and measuring 4.9 metres in radius (16 feet). Only two players from each team may score goals, the Goal Attack and Goal Shooter.

Teams consist of seven players who fill these positions:

  • Goal Keeper
  • Goal Defence
  • Wing Defence
  • Centre
  • Wing Attack
  • Goal Attack
  • Goal Shooter

Starting play
Play is started with a pass from the centre circle – this is called the centre pass. There is a centre pass at the beginning of each quarter and half, and after each goal is scored. The teams take turns making the centre pass. The person making the centre pass must stand in the centre circle. The opposing centre can stand anywhere in the centre third but all other players must stay in the goal thirds (behind the middle third lines) until the umpire blows the whistle to start play. The centre pass has to be received in the centre third.

Each player is allowed in only a certain area of the court. If a player steps into an area or any part of their body touches the ground in an area their playing position is not allowed to go, will be ruled offside.

Once a player has landed with the ball, the first landed foot is called the grounded foot and must either stay on the ground or in the air until the ball is passed on. Re-grounding that same foot a second time while still in possession of the ball is a step which will result in a free pass to the opposition. Similarly, a hop, slide or drag of the grounded foot is not permitted.

Playing the ball
Once the ball has been caught, the player must pass it or shoot for goal within three seconds.

When a player is defending another player or trying to intercept the ball they must be at least 0.9 metres away from the grounded foot of the player who has the ball.

A player is not allowed to physically contact an opponent if it disrupts or stops that person from playing. Pushing the ball out of an opponent’s hands is also not permitted.

Penalty pass or shot
For contact, obstruction or moving the goalpost penalties, the offending player must stand down from play, away from the thrower and where the umpire has indicated. A goal shooter or goal attack taking the penalty pass or shot in the goal circle can either pass the ball or shoot for goal.

Throw in
When the ball goes out of court, the umpire takes note of which team touched it last. The throw in is then taken by a player from the opposing team close to where the ball went out of court. Standing close to the line from the outside of court, the player has three seconds to get the ball back in play.

Two umpires have control of the game and make the on-court decisions about the run of play.


Mackay Netball Association offers different competitions to suit different age groups and abilities.

Premier League
Mackay’s highest level of competition is played indoors on Tuesday nights from 6:00pm.

Senior Fixtures
Held from 6:00 pm on Wednesday nights. Grades offered include Division 1 – 6.

Junior Fixtures
Held Saturday morning from 8:15am. Grades offered include 9/U, 10/U (non-competitive), 12/U, 14/U and 16/U.

This program is the Australian wide introductory netball program for girls and boys aged 5-10 yrs and offers an opportunity for children to increase their social and motor skills in a friendly and fun environment. It creates a quality first experience of netball for each participant and builds a pathway into playing netball at local Netball Clubs and Associations to encourage continued involvement in the sport.

Net-Set-GO Sign-on is in April at the Mackay Netball Courts, 30 Casey Avenue, South Mackay. First session will commence the following week.

Mackay Netball’s Clubs hold their sign-on days late January and early February. Please contact the association on 0418 406 122, email secretary@mackaynetball.com or visit our website www.mackaynetball.com for further information.

Membership benefits

There are a number of benefits to becoming a member of Mackay Netball Association. These include:

  • Participation at various levels of competition for people of all ages and skill
  • Communication Newsletters
  • Website information & access to Qld Netball information
  • Elite, beginners & social programs including Net-Set-Go and U9 Development
  • Access to elite sporting Institutes
  • Team & individual coaching available on request
  • Accreditation of Coaches, Umpires and Scorer-Timers
  • Comprehensive sports insurance
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Facilities with appropriate safety & stand precautions
  • Distribution of Fixture Calendars & Association Handbook

Association details

Association Name

Mackay Netball Association (MNA)


Maroon & Sky Blue

Contact details

PO Box 5459 Mackay MC QLD 4741
0418 406 122

Main ground/Club rooms/head office details

7 Leisure Street, South Mackay

Office bearers


Allison Bugeja


Jennifer Moohin


David Benson

Board member - Competitions

Lynella Law

Board member - commercial

Shannon Maher

Board member - development

Marnie Walsh

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